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Override your Mobile Operator to Enjoy cheap phone calls from Mobile

Do you know how to override your mobile operator to make uk cheap phone calls from your mobile?
Depending on your mobile network and calling plan, certain access numbers can be truly suitable for you to make cheap or even free international phone calls from your mobile: We advise you to get in touch with your mobile operator in advance to double-check this information. We cannot guarantee that this information is up to date since rates and calling plans of mobile operators vary significantly overtime. Be aware that other access numbers are usually heavily surcharged when calling from a mobile.

Save our access numbers on your mobile to get connected quicker

You can now use the "pause dialing" feature available in most mobile phones to call automatically via our access numbers. Hence you will be connected straight away. Just edit the number entries in your phone book to include our 0870 963 7030 access code as follows:
Nokia Phones:
A p is displayed after you have pressed * 3 times: i.e. 0871 963 7030 * * * (it will show a p) 0034 (country code) 914.xyx.xyx (phone number) = 0871 963 7030 p 0034914xyxxyx
Siemens/Panasonic Phones:
A plus should appear after null has been pressed and held.
Motorola / Ericsson Phones:
A p should appear after * has been pressed and held.

Contact your mobile operator

Mobile users, contact your mobile operator to check in advance the rates to our access numbers when calling from your mobile. Below are the contact numbers of the major mobile operators in the UK:
O208705 214 000
BT0800 800 150
NTL0800 052 2000
One.Tel0800 957 0700
Orange07973 100 150
Telewest0845 142 00 00
T-Mobile0845 412 5000
Virgin Mobile0845 6000 789
Vodafone07836 191 191
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